We began as a custom safe builder. Custom safes are much more expensive. Discerning customers desire the special features and higher quality not found in mass production safes.

We, at lnvincible Gun Safes, decided to manufacture a production series that would combine the most popular custom features to satisfy the high standards of our customers.

Built to Stand the test of time

After much research and development. using computer-aided design and innovative production techniques, with Old World craftsmanship we now produce the finest safes in the world.

When comparing safes made by others, notice that the handles all look the same. That is because they are bought from the same manufacturer in China, We machine all our handles and bushings in house by hand from solid brass and our lugs from stainless steel.

WHEN YOU LEAVE HOME, YOU CAN FEEL SECURE THAT YOUR GUN COLLECTION lS SAFE! Select your safe with the same care that you spend selecting your gun collection. Add up the cost of your guns, optics and personal belongings is it really worth losing them by purchasing a cheaper, less secure safe?

Numerous features not found in other safes:

● Double door high capacity    safes available
● Premium wood grain finish
● Solid brass nameplates
● Solid brass accents
● Powder coated finish
● Solid brass handles
● 1" stainless steel lugs
● Solid brass lug bushings
● Gear driven "Shock-Transfer Locking System"
● Fully adjustable and modular interior, to accommodate    your changing needs.
● Our safes far exceed section 977.50 of the California    Gun Safe Standards